How are scientists applying genetics in medicine?
Is our health pre-determined by our genes?

Discover how knowledge gained from the Human Genome Project is already helping to better understand, diagnose and treat disease.

In this zone you can hear from people who have taken genetic tests, those who are developing new genetic treatments or even listen to the predictions of leading genetic scientists on where they think genomics will take medicine in the future. You can also consider the ethical questions that these new tests and screens raise by taking part in our ‘Be the counsellor’ activity.

Tests and screens

Meet some of the people who have chosen to take a genetic test.

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Therapies and prevention

Researchers talk about some of the latest techniques in genetics.

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Be the counsellor

Play the role of genetic counsellor in this interactive game.

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Design a drug

How can genetic information speed up the search for new drug treatments?

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Healthy futures

Find out what happens when you ask some of the top geneticists in the world for their predictions.