What is it that sets us apart from other animals as human?
In what ways are we similar to our primate cousins?

Discover how researchers are using DNA to find out about human history.

In this zone you can find out how researchers are comparing human DNA to that of our nearest living relative - the chimpanzee - and unearthing secrets from the fossil remains of our closest relatives, the Neanderthals.

They hope to understand more about how genetic changes have affected our biology and behaviour and about the distribution of these variations within populations. These studies may even shed light on how our ancestry has led to the rich variation in cultures and practices that we display today.

Comparing creatures

Why compare a man with a mouse or a worm with a plant? Other organisms can tell us a lot about how we work and where we came from.

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Grant Museum, UCL

Hobbits or humans?

Find out about fossil finds making the news and what clues they hold about our past.

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